How to Get Help When Having Car Trouble While Traveling

Imagine this scenario.


You’re out of town, maybe on vacation or business or just visiting a friend. You are driving down the road. You’re taking a slower route, seeing the sights and taking it all in at a relaxed pace. As you’re driving, your car suddenly breaks down, or something gets damaged by random things on the road.


How do you handle it?


Most responsible drivers know how to manage breakdowns. They have a mechanic they trust. They have insurance to cover most costs. They even have a membership with some manner of service that can get them the assistance they need on the road.


However, not all of these are present when you’re outside your usual stomping grounds. Well, here’s how you can get help, even when you’re far from home. It’s surprisingly similar to the process for any breakdown, just with a few shifts and nuances.


First, you’ll need to pack a few things. The key to surviving any emergency – from a breakdown to a hurricane throwing a tree into your living room – is preparation.


Flares are useful, for those times when you have a breakdown in an isolated place. You’ll also need a roadside emergency kit. Finally, there is nothing more useful for these situations than your mobile phone, especially if it can get reliable internet connections.


No matter what happens, you’ll want to pull over in a safe area.


You don’t want to be on the road. This is true whether you suddenly need a new wind screen Perth or if you hear the pop of a punctured tire. By doing this, you minimise the risk of you becoming the start of an accident site.


If you can’t get off the road, turn on your hazard lights. This is when you’ll need your phone to call for help, whether it’s emergency services, roadside assistance, or your cousin Larry who lives nearby.


You’ll also want to alert other motorists. They might help.


Flash your emergency lights. Lift your car’s hood – the universal sign of a motorist in trouble. If it’s dark, use your road flares.


You’d be surprised at how friendly people you meet are. More than once, I’ve managed to get back on the road just on the kindness of strangers. Even leather-wearing, tough guy bikers will lend a hand if you’re friendly, polite, and don’t make assumptions.


There is also the off-chance that someone who passes by knows who you can call for help, even if they can’t help you themselves. Local knowledge and recommendations can be a huge boon, especially if you’re pressed for time and can’t be sure if you’re going to a shop you can trust.


At the very least, telling other motorists, you have a breakdown lets them avoid you. That’s common courtesy and could save lives by preventing an accident.


Call for roadside assistance.


If your provider doesn’t cover the area you’re in, go online. Find a local provider for the service you need, whether it’s installing a replacement tire or refilling the tank so you can get back on the road.


Tips in driving in a foreign country

Driving in a foreign country can be a fascinating experience. There’s a lot that’s different, a lot that’s the same, and depending on where you are, those two may be very different. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot travelling the world, and I’m eager to share what I know to help people out.

My first bit of advice is to try not to drive in the first place. I’ve found that countries tend to be much more enjoyable when you’re not wondering about traffic safety and being on the right side of the road. Still, if you really must drive, there are things you need to keep in mind.


First, use the Internet. Traffic rules in one country do not always line up with that of another. You’ll want to know the differences, including small details.


Second, remember what the lights stand for. Red means stop. Green means go. These are universal, though sometimes you might see blue instead of green. This is particularly common in Asia, where the genetic mutation required to see certain colours is less common.


The third tip is that, if you can manage, you should really find a traffic manual on the country you’re visiting. If possible, keep it to only one country and not try to master the rules of the road on more than one nation.


Learn the local driving culture. That’s my fourth tip. Yes, most countries share the same traffic laws and regulations. It makes it easier for drivers from one land to move around in another. It’s what makes international driver’s licenses possible.


However, there are differences to keep in mind. The British “drive on the wrong side of the road,” as Americans put it. For the Japanese, yellow lights still mean slow down, not speed up so you’re not on the wrong side of a red light. These details matter and you should learn them.


Finally, consider getting insurance. This comes in handy if you ever find yourself in need of a tow like I did back in Perth that one time. You can check the website of the guys I called; they do good work and my insurance paid for things.


Taxi for a parcel?


You’re in a city and you need to get from point A to point B. You could look for the subway or you could take your car, but the fastest and most convenient mode of transport may just be the taxi.


Taxicab drivers know the city they work in like the back of their hand. They know all the shortcuts, know where everything is and know how to get you where you need to be. So you hail a taxi, get in and viola, you arrive, pay the fare and exit. Easy peasy.


But what if you need to get a package from point A to point B? It can’t get there by itself and you’re just too busy to get it there yourself. Do you wait for a company like UPS or CanPar to come and pick that package up? Do you mail it? What if it needs to be there now? Well, fortunately, you can put it in a taxi and get it to its destination just like you can with a person.


Of course, in order to do this, you have to have a certain trust with the taxi company. Documents can get lost and you need to be sure that the package gets to where it is needed safely and quickly. But once you have that trust with a company you can schedule a pickup and delivery at your leisure, either by phoning directly or using the app on your smartphone. With the app, you can actually track your package’s drive through town to point B easily and in real time. You will also know when the taxi arrives where you are and when it has dropped off the package at the other end, all on your phone.


Companies vary on the price for taking your packages around but they usually start at around $10 for small packages and documents and go up from there. If the fee will be larger because of the size of what they are delivering this will be worked out before the taxi leaves so there is no query either way about the pricing.


Some people would never think that a taxi would work as a delivery service, but the same applies to when they take people, they know the city, they know where they are going and they are in the business of taking people and things to other places. Who knew?

A Homestay Offers Exclusive Insight Into The Mystic Land Of Uttarakhand



Homestays allow travellers a stopover with all facilities, comfort (for any time duration they plan to stay) and discover the high and low of Uttarakhand at an affordable price. Experience the unique feeling while interacting with folks of different tradition and culture while lodging into a homestay in Uttarakhand.


Many families in Uttarakhand, staying in remote villages, have opened their home to welcome tourists. You may find a homestay at beautiful remote at hilly locations surrounded by picturesque sceneries that are often seen painted on a canvas. You can witness the beauty of this place by visiting homestays in Nainital, Bhimtal or other hilly destinations of Uttarakhand.


The hilly destination of Nainital is one of the most visited destinations of India. This quiet valley is famous for its centrally located lake. To regain your lost peace, Nainital promises a perfect recluse to the visitors surrounded by the majestic mountains and the sparkling Naini Lake.


As Nainital is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand, it is crowded throughout the year. Finding a comfortable lodging may not be easy. You can be subjected to lots of noise when opting to stay in the city. To relax, select to lodge into homestays that are found in the far-flung places away from the city.


Built on the slopes of the mountains, a homestay in Nainital is surrounded by orchards, farms and colourful flowery areas. These places provide shelter for many bird species, seen fluttering with their sweet chirpy- chirps intoxicating the misty atmosphere. This celestial sphere is a delight to both your eyes and ears, releasing the feeling of bliss. You can go trekking or indulge in bird watching at these peaceful getaways.


Home-cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served in a village style with the host family. Vegetable grown locally are used to make various delicious Indian and local cuisine. Fruits are also freshly plucked and served to the guests.


The rooms of a homestay in Nainital are clean, spacious and tastefully furnished with wooden furniture. Each room has a modern attached bath with a geyser and a shower. Privacy is the foremost priority that a guest can enjoy. The rooms are provided with a TV, DVDs and an air-conditioner/heater. If the weather is too cold, you can also find a seat near a fireplace with burning logs to keep you warm. Spend your day idling on the bed or go trekking to lighten your mood. Enjoy the feeling of peace and luxury.


The places of visit that one can enjoy when in Nainital are:


– Sit by the lakeside or get a boating experience amidst serene beauty. At night, the lights from the surrounding hotel play a magical rhythm on the water of Lake Naini.


– When in Nainital watch the sun disappear behind the mountains, at Hanuman Garhi.


– This is one of the most enchanting views that must not be missed.


– Naini Peak is the highest point in Nainital. A trekking expedition, through the Pine and Deodar forest, to this peak offers a delightful experience.


– Bargain at the Tibetan Market or at the shops on the Mall Road to get your heart’s desire. These shopping venues are the ladies delight.


– Visit the well maintained Nainital Zoo to see some of the most beautiful species of animals and birds.


For some adventure and fun crawl into the interconnected natural caves at the Eco Cave Garden. These caves resemble the habitats of a tiger, panther, bat, squirrel, ape and flying fox.


There is a rock climbing spot at Barah Patthar that welcomes enthusiasts to reach the top of the mountain. You can also enrol in the 7 days camp to learn rock climbing, trail biking and river crossing.


The mountain regions of Uttarakhand have always held the interest of the tourists who lookout for opportunities to mingle with the locals. These places are rich in cultural heritage and natural habitats which the communities protect while offering you a healthy homestay in Uttarakhand. These recognized homestays will give you an utmost pleasure to make your journey a pleasant and memorable experience.

Best Bathrooms All Over the World

One can argue that the bathroom is the best place in the house. I’d agree with this statement only because the only time I get genuine peace and quiet is when I am in the bathroom.

But a lot of us just know the regular bathroom. You know. The toilet bowl, a sink, white tiles, and a couple knick-knacks here and there. It’s plain and simple yet it gives us unparalleled comfort. But can you imagine a bathroom with all the creature comforts or designs that only you can dream of? Well, no need to imagine. I’ve been compiling the best bathrooms I have seen on the Internet. These bathrooms range from WA Bathrooms to bathrooms in very remote areas. Note that all these bathrooms are fully functional so you can really imagine yourself using it.

So without delaying you any further, here are the bathrooms that will make you drool.


The High-Tech Bathroom Experience

On a recent trip to Japan, I had multiple opportunities to use their bathrooms.

Now, I think we’ve all heard the stereotype about the Asian squat toilet. However, not all of them are like that. Some of them were Western-style sit-down toilets. No matter what variety I found, there was a single common element.

Many of them were laden with many nice tech features.

This makes a lot of sense in a cultural context. The Japanese are obsessively particular about cleanliness, to the point where the toilet and sink are separate rooms from the bathtub. The tub, in turn, is in the same room but distinct from the shower.

The cultural hang-ups about cleanliness rather explain so much about the features of their toilets and bathrooms. Sadly, looking into it, it’s harder to get my hands on them for my master bathroom than I thought.

One of my favourite features is a series of buttons to the side. One of them controls a bidet built into the bowl, with two buttons close by that controls the spray angle and intensity.

Not too far from that is something that heats up the toilet seat or bowl. Given how cold it can get in the winter, it seems like an excellent idea to implement. I mean, how many of us dislike that chill we get when we sit on it, and it’s cold?

In some places, I found that you could flush toilets using a Bluetooth command. These were usually in public places, which probably see a lot of people over the course of a day.

The toilets I saw in private homes also had this sink-like thing on top of the toilet tank. When you flushed, water would flow out so you could wash your hands. I was assured that the water for that was separate from what was used to flush.

This does it all automatically, so you can clean your hands without touching anything!

When it comes to the bathtub, it seems normal. At least, until I started fiddling around with the digital controls, I found. There was temperature control for the water, including for the shower. What impressed me was that there was a TV there.

The TV was positioned so you could watch while soaking in the tub. I asked some local friends about it, and they said it was mostly because Japanese people tend to relax in bathtubs. The shower is where you get clean, but the tub itself was for relaxation, not bathing.

After some more fiddling, I found that the temperature controls could be used to alter the heating in the room itself. At first, I didn’t think too much of it. After a while, I started realising how it could be useful to warm the room up before going inside if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

Now, I’m not saying that all of these things are necessary. However, they are useful, and some of them might be good additions to a home bathroom if you’re in the mood to add a little tech to it.

Getting the Most out of Your Accommodation

If you are a wise traveler, you know that getting the most out of any accommodation is one of the best way for you to enjoy your travels.

Note that this doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive accommodations. As a matter of fact, even the simplest and cheapest accommodations can offer you a wide variety of experiences. Try to look at it this way, hundreds of people don’t go for the 5-star treatment on their travels but they still end up with memorable vacations. How is that possible?

Well, the secret is in being creative and resourceful. Getting the most out of any accommodation is not exactly easy. Most beginners enjoy it by happenstance but most don’t even know how to do it. To help you out, here are some things you can do to get the most out of any accommodation.

  1. Talk to the owner/manager – Unless you have a very strict itinerary, ask the owner/manager and even the maintenance guy about the place. While this is not applicable to all kinds of accomodations, it can do wonders for certain areas with old and historical sites. Asking the owner or manager can give you good insight on what you can do in the place.
  2. Ask the locals – If you have the time, ask a local on what they do for fun. One time I did this, a local pointed me to a park full of chess players, while I am not the best chess player in town, I enjoyed talking to people who enjoyed a game I was playing.
  3. Taste the food – Ask the manager about the food and find out what is best for somebody like you. They can either prepare the food for you or they can give you directions on the best place to get it. Food can be a totally different adventure for you if you know how to maximize it.
  4. Scout the area online – Most of the people I know nowadays book their accomodations online. For websites such as, they can give you not only the exact address but the surrounding buildings and area. Check out what places or spots might fancy you and allot a little time to check it out.

One last thing before you follow what I have written. Please remember that your safety is always the first priority while traveling so please make sure that you are safe first before going to places you are not familiar. Either get a guide or ask the local authorities if said areas are safe.

Hunting for The Right Luggage for Travelling

How come buying luggage seem to be like buying an automobile nowadays? Well, with all the current polices and high charges for extra weight, not forgetting the check-in baggage fees, it makes sense to look around online and off brand before purchasing your luggage travel friend. This time around will be well put in, particularly if you see a bit of luggage (weather leather, aluminum, or elsewhere) that can last you throughout the years throughout your many journeys on business and getaway. There are several factors you have to check on before committing to get this handbag, so ensure you have a list along to the luggage shop if you are purchasing it from a physical store (instead of online).

Furthermore, leather is regarded as classy and an indicator of success, if you have the cover leather luggage, you will want to put it to good use and show that you truly have showed up? You are on holiday, and have attained the to take a rest, which means you should reach use your respite and travel however you like. Leather is an excellent material that is very flexible, and will come in many designs, so go on and splurge just a little, particularly when you can purchase a good little bit of luggage available for sale but still look you put in big money on it.

People wrongly feel that leather luggage is merely very costly and steer evidently from it. If indeed they just look for the right great buy at the right time, they could easily get a lovely luggage handbag that is affordable, durable and classy looking. Although it can be somewhat costly, it will not be unattainable. Maybe it could appear just a little extravagant if you want to to get a Louis Vuitton leather carrier, but there are many brands that remain creator and affordable too. For instance, according to a recently available Consumer Reviews’ article, the Delsey luggage keep on tote (which retails for about $67.00) outperformed a great many other brands when it was examined for toughness and inside space.

These discount luggage items, manufactured from nylon, aluminium or leather, will be equally as durable and beautiful to take with you along on your voyage.

Just by heading to any Costco or Sam’s Golf club (if you contain the account), you will get some great bargains, particularly if it’s an extended weekend. Whether it’s not a sales day, then try to get the ground (or “demo”) model, which is offered by a considerably good deal and is also usually equally as good as a brand new new piece from the box (apart from a few thousand fingerprints that are unseen to the nude eye). When your total budget will not enable you to buy the complete place, then just buy one or two 2 totes from the collection now and wait around some more months to acquire the remaining hand bags from the collection. In the event that you have a tendency to travel light or are just heading away for a couple of days, you might consider simply buying a keep on bag with an inferior luggage suitcase.

Most quality luggage lines are very constant with the sets, if you only desire a few items now, you can buy those and little by little build-up your leather luggage collection just how many people build their fine china choices.

Is Australia Really Dangerous?

A lot of people really who plan on travelling end up not doing it for a variety of reasons. One particular reason is misinformation.

Take Australia for example.

Ask anybody who has spent some time on the Internet about what they think about travelling to Australia and they will automatically tell you that going to Australia is suicide.


Is Australia Really Dangerous?

If you do a quick search online about Australia, you will see that majority of the stuff you will see there are about how dangerous the place is.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that it is 100% safe to go to Australia. As a matter of fact, there’s really no safe place in the world if you think about it.

The thing is that most of the information shared on the Internet about Australia are oftentimes misleading or overblown.

If you blindly search for stuff about Australia online, here are some of the things you might encounter.

  1. Sharks are everywhere. If you go to the beaches in Australia then a shark is bound to eat you.
  2. If a shark doesn’t get you, a Box Jellyfish will. The Box Jellyfish is considered one of the animals with the most potent poison.
  3. Afraid of the ocean? Why not go to the rivers? Well, the rivers aren’t safe either. Saltwater crocodiles call it their home.
  4. Avoiding water in all forms won’t mean you are safe when you are in Australia. More than 70% of the worlds poisonous/venomous animals in the world are found in Australia. Cute spider? More like, potent killer.
  5. In Australia, poison might be the number one choice for killers here but not everybody uses them. Larger animals such as Kangaroos can knock you unconscious anytime if you make the mistake of calling them cute in front of their faces.
  6. If the animals won’t kill you then the dust storms probably will. Yep, you have nowhere to hide when in Australia.

Are all these things true? Partly. Are they misleading? Pretty much.

Australia and its Safety

Note that here is Coosbay, we always urge our readers to always be careful anywhere they go. Same is true with Australia. Although you will be beset with a number of dangers, they are not unavoidable.

Read up on various tips and tricks on how to “survive” Australia. If you like to go the beach, check out the best times when there are minimal dangers. If you would like to go hiking, there are areas where there are close to zero dangerous animals.

Bottomline, it’s all about doing your own research and not relying on what you found on a meme online. Australia is a great place. Visit it. Have fun.

In Coosbay, We Travel

Breaking the monotony of life is the best sense ever before – you create better ways for your self and also have better encounters to talk about, but almost all of whatever you develop an improved knowledge of life.

If you have still received your questions about how precisely you can break the tedium of life, then you must travel because that’s just what your brain needs and that is the thing that can relax the body. So, stop whatever you’re doing and know these 5 reasons that could convince you to visit.

It changes how you relate with yourself – Traveling enables you to know the deeper interpretation you will ever have – it permits you to connect with yourself and exactly how you’re leading your daily life. You may even create a deeper sense of determination to save lots of our planet’s exquisiteness for the arriving generations – in the end, you’ve seen it individually, and it’s well worth saving!

It changes how you relate with other – We’ve all developed visualizing variety, but travelling enables you to experience an improved side from it. You’ll be able to relate with more folks, in an improved way and may as well take an effort to create some type of balance on earth. The main element to everything is finally having the ability to relate with the items the simple truth is around you.

It certainly makes you recognize that life isn’t only about you – You’ll see an improved version of you and you will also witness an improved version of the rest around you. So as to the planet is very much bigger than your belief on it. You are going to soon realize the earth doesn’t gyrate around you. Become familiar with that you truly aren’t everything the earth needs – you’re simply a very small minnow in a pothole.

It empowers you to definitely take new difficulties, without dread – Sometimes traveling sets you in a hard situation and that is when you’re necessary to make some daring techniques, some decisions and take obstacles. You meet your true home when you travel, and by the end of the trip you’re an improved and improved specific, in a position to decipher this is of life without worries of failing.

It pushes your educational horizons – There’s too much to learn if you are out going – but almost all of all you can find one reason you mustn’t just miss going – it pushes your educational horizons. You learn new things and get more valuable information about places, things and folks – setting up a complete travel journal.

And one previous reason – Because you have one life and you ought to live it alternatively gleefully.