Best Bathrooms All Over the World

One can argue that the bathroom is the best place in the house. I’d agree with this statement only because the only time I get genuine peace and quiet is when I am in the bathroom.

But a lot of us just know the regular bathroom. You know. The toilet bowl, a sink, white tiles, and a couple knick-knacks here and there. It’s plain and simple yet it gives us unparalleled comfort. But can you imagine a bathroom with all the creature comforts or designs that only you can dream of? Well, no need to imagine. I’ve been compiling the best bathrooms I have seen on the Internet. These bathrooms range from WA Bathrooms to bathrooms in very remote areas. Note that all these bathrooms are fully functional so you can really imagine yourself using it.

So without delaying you any further, here are the bathrooms that will make you drool.


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