Why Do I Travel?

Inside the travel portion of my library, skimming catalogs on Central America and Costa Rica, I ran across a e book- misfiled I assume. Stuck amidst the holiday courses was Trips with Charlie, by famous novelist John Steinbeck. Tugging it out, I retired to a part couch. 1962, middle older, renowned, Steinbeck got decreased everything

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Vermont was so god damn awesome. The first thing noticed and the first thing i fell in love with was the trees and the foilage. Every direction I looked there was an abundance of trees, all filled with rich green leaves that had you feeling like you were an ant inside of a green grass

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Going Home

I’ve changed my plans. Forget Fuji, I’m going back home, but this time to Vermont for a new journey to my homeland. I made the discovery to myself that though I have been travelling a lot and enjoying different places I haven’t explored my backyard yet. Well I’m leaving in 4 hours yay, cant wait.

Indonesia.. woah

SO on my travels I only had intentions of staying in Indonesia for a little while, however after being here I simply have decided not to leave. The lovely locals are so great to talk and be with, they are so present and have such a zest for life, that is inspiring to be around.

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So after Sydney and unfortunately not a lot of available time to have in Australia, I decided that if I were to see another side of things that Perth would be the place to do that. Completely on the other coast away from all the other major capitals over on the East. So what did

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The first of my Travels brought me into Sydney, Australia. Starting Down under, and why not hey. Sydney is an awesome place, and the biggest city in Australia, so it was good to start things off with a bit of a bang I guess you could say. I did well basically all of what Sydney

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Adventure Awaits

My Name is Jeff. I am from Coosbay Northbend In Oregan. The largest city in Oregan. Growing up here I have been exposed to a lot of things in a safe, fun, playful and exciting environment, where the fish are fresh and the people are friendly. It is a town full of adventure and things

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