So after Sydney and unfortunately not a lot of available time to have in Australia, I decided that if I were to see another side of things that Perth would be the place to do that. Completely on the other coast away from all the other major capitals over on the East.

So what did I think of Perth? I loved it, more than Sydney, which was very surprising. There was something about the people and the atmosphere that was very warm and welcoming.

Within 24 hours of being in Perth and roaming the city streets, I was invited to a party being held a couple of days later.

Not having anything else to do I attended and it was simply bliss. So many people eager to connect, share and help out. A lot of dancing, a lot of talking and a lot of connecting.

At the party were organised DJs, photo booths, arcade machines, supplied alcohol, a swimming pool complete with inflatables and much more.

It certainly set a great first impression on Perth WA and one that did not seem to fade throughout my trip.

With one week done and dusted so quickly it was time for me to move on from down under and visit slighting north to its neighbor Indonesia.

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