Vermont was so god damn awesome. The first thing noticed and the first thing i fell in love with was the trees and the foilage. Every direction I looked there was an abundance of trees, all filled with rich green leaves that had you feeling like you were an ant inside of a green grass field. IT was magical.

You had woods, and waterfalls at your doorstep (well maybe a little further) you would simple make a short little ride or drive around the corner, and there you were presented with a massive waterfall, or some massive rock/tree/wood formations.

You easily had the ability to get lost, and if you managed not to, you almost wish you did. How about the 4000ft mountain that overlooks the entire Vermont in every direction. Yep you can hike that, gondola that and even zip line it.

With Vermont being a massive beer state, your taste buds are forever satisfied, and do they go down a treat with some wings or peanuts. The people are awesome and friendly,

The lack of technology and development is great as it has you feel connected to the earth and to your surrounds. There is no shortage of adventurous and adrenaline activities to get the heart rate up whenever you wanted it.

Would I go back to Vermont? Absolutely, I actually recommend it as one of my tops spots, due to its beauty and diversity.

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